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Alya Novak was born under a different name in the late eleventh century, not long before the beginning of the Crusades, somewhere in what is now modern-day Turkey.  Her family and community were Muslim and the sorts of troubles that you would expect followed.  As a young woman, she was extraordinarily clever and well-liked by her neighbors.  It was because of these qualities that a vampire of clan Nosferatu from the Lancea Sanctum decided to embrace her, teach her the ways of the Sanctified, and then use her to bring Christianity to her people.

She stayed with him long enough to learn his secrets—and a bit of their proprietary sorcery—and then murdered him.  However, it was too late to save her friends and family, and so she swore revenge and went on into the wide world alone.  Everywhere she went, she did her best to wreak mayhem upon the Crusaders' forces—especially if the Lancea Sanctum was present.  She also started out seeking to steal all the Lance's secrets, but soon learned that it was knowledge altogether that she was interested in and did her best to learn everything she could on her way.

At one point some 400 years after her own Embrace, she chose a knight named Alexander Stavros to make her childe, and then did what had been attempted upon her—she turned him against his former allies and sent him to destroy them.  She hoped he might eventually become somewhat less... impressionable, and therefore worthy of other instruction, but he was turned back to his old ways by a Lance member named Sir Philippe de Lyon who eventually tracked him down and caught him.  Despite Stavros's furious pursuit of her—hampered by her mastery of the disguise and Obfuscate—the later managed to ambush the both of them, kill Philippe, and get Stavros thrown in prison.

Now that she was free of those losers for a while, she decided to make a tour of things.  Particularly, things with words on them.  It was in doing this that she encountered the fledgling Ordo Dracul, and immediately agreed to join.  She was a natural for the Sworn of the Axe, down to her Fate Card—the Moon, obviously—and soon gained a rep as the Order's troubleshooter.  She also spent a fair amount of time as something like an adventurer archaeologist for the Ordo, retrieving occult lore and artifacts in remote places.

She traveled to the Americas in the 1800s to learn what the new world had to offer, and ensconced herself within the Ordo Dracul there, traveling from place to place solving... problems.  One of the issues she was regularly assigned to work on was rooting out the heretical Sworn of the Locust; en route to dispose of one of them in hiding (and take care of some other business) in Anchorage, AK in 2009, she was interested to find that the newly established Prince there was none other than her errant childe.

This was, she figured, one last chance to convince him to abandon his faith (which he'd apparently still clung to)—she attempted to convince him that his mentor had not been all that great and that his fellow Sanctified were as monstrous as she was, if not more so.  But he refused to listen.  And so the game was on...


Nov. 1st, 2012 04:35 pm
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Obfuscate 4
Nightmare 4
Vigor 2
Auspex 1
Coil of Flesh 3
Coil of Banes 2
Coil of Blood 2
Coil of the Beast 1
Theban Sorcery 3 (Rituals: Scrivener's Eye, Blood Fire, Resistance of Discipline, Blood Scourge)

Blood Potency 6

"Forgotten and Tested Illuminus of Burning Pain, Dragon Knight of the Axe"


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